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Position Overview:

We are hoping to find a data scientist who will love to melt data and get actionable insights hidden in a it. The candidate preferred must develop a strong analytical skill set that complements his knowledge of machine learning algorithms, and he should be able to share outcomes with stakeholders. You will work with the product development team to find the opportunities, design the experiments, and develop the predictive model that will help to improve our products and services.

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Key Responsibilities:

  • Show big and dependent datasets to find patterns and trends using different methods.
  • Build models and algorithms that can be used for predicting the future, so as to make business process more efficient and enable management to make better decisions.
  • Work together with product managers and engineers to make data-driven solutions part of our products and services.
  • Develop and perform experiments to find the best hypothesis and check for the model performance.
  • Investigate, analyze and then recommend appropriate policies and inform both technical and non-technical stakeholders of the results by creating powerful presentations and visuals.
  • Continue to update yourself in the latest developments in data science, machine learning, and other related fields, and turn them into practical solutions to real-life problems.

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  1. The applicants should have at least a Bachelor’s or advanced degree in Computer Science, Statistics, Mathematics or the related fields.
  2. 5+ Years data analysis or machine learning is required for the past few years of experience in the same role or similar field”.
  3. Knowledge of programming languages such as Python, R, or Java, and familiarity with data manipulation libraries (e. g. Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib) are the prerequisites for working with data. g. , Pandas, NumPy).
  4. They will have a solid grasp of statistical concepts and hands-on machine learning algorithms (experience preferred). g. , regression, classification, clustering).
  5. Good communication skills including the ability to make information on technologies not only informative but also understandable to lay people.
  6. Clear problem-solving competences and sharpness of mind.

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  • Competitive pay and performance-based bonuses.
  • Overall health insurance with dental and vision package include them.
  • Retirement funds plan with employer’ matching.
  • Work schedules that are flexible and the possibility of working from home.
  • The provision of professional development training and tuition discounts.
  • Discuss the disagreeable impacts of the deficiency or conservation of natural sources on their harmony and way of life.
  • A lively company spirit, which would be created with joint projects and leisure time activities.

How to Apply:

Prospective individuals are requested to provide a brief resume and cover letter describing the skills that they have and the relevant experience they have acquired to ( email address. Please put “Data Scientist Application” as the subject line.

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