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Red Castle

Manager Job In Dubai Real Estates Companies | Gulf Countries

As we have found the best role as a development manager in Dubai Real Estates Companies at Red Castle. First, your main role will be in planning and running the firm. Second, it will depend on you to complete tasks about the development of running projects.Dubai Real Estates Companies

Moreover you will look after the whole machinery process. Finally, you should make sure that your financial team is running well. On the other hand, all projects and success is fully dependent on your management skills.

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Job Qualifications in Dubai Real Estates Companies and Skills for Success

Certainly we have prepared the following list of the principal duties usually attached to the different positions in the Dubai real estate industry:

  1. Property Sales:
  2. Real Estate Marketing:
  3. Property Management:
  4. The Real Estate Development:
  5. In Real Estate Investment Analysis:
  6. Real Estate Finance and Legal:
  7. Real Estate Consultation:
  8. Commercial Real Estate Leasing:
  9. Real Estate Appraisal:
  10. Real Estate Research and Analysis:

Qualification Requirements:

Education: A BSC in real estate, business, or finance is the minimum requirement. Advanced degrees or professional certifications are plus points for you.

Real Estate License: According to Dubai law, real estate agents and brokers require a valid real estate license in Dubai.

Legal and Compliance Knowledge: The candidate should have a good understanding of local real estate laws, regulations, and property transfer processes in Dubai.


These qualification and skill requirements may vary based on the specific role within the real estate industry in Dubai, so candidates should carefully review job descriptions to identify the specific qualifications and skills needed for a given position

  • Communication Skills
  • Customer Service
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Financial Acumen
  • Project Management
  • Legal and Contractual Knowledge
  • Data Analysis and Research

Tips for Successful Jobs In Dubai Real Estates Companies

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