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A Hilton Receptionist is a friendly assistant of a large hotel in Fujairah Jobs For Females. So, they ensure that all the guests have a good time from the time they arrive to the time they leave. And they also perform special checks to ensure that everything continues running.

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Requirements For Fujairah Jobs For Females:

  • Thus helped people before.
  • Finished school or something similar.
  • Also, be happy, talk.
  • Look neat.
  • And know how to use computers.

Jobs in Free zone Area ( Ras Al Khaimah)

Responsibilities Of Fujairah Jobs For Females:

  1. Yet help guests.
  2. Quick check-in and out.
  3. And share guest feedback with managers.
  4. Always be nice.
  5. Share hotel info with guests.
  6. Also, suggest fun things.
  7. Follow rules.
  8. Use computers.
  9. And help hotel friends.

Fujairah Jobs For Females

Qualifications For Fujairah Jobs For Females:

  • Helped people before.
  • So, finished school or something similar.

Hilton’s Ideal:

  1. First helped people before.
  2. Second finished school or similar.
  3. Third be happy, talk.
  4. Then always neat.
  5. Last know computers.

Hilton Vibe:

Thus the large hotel firm, contented stays at sumptuous or reasonable establishments. So, Hilton’s motto is to make the world friendlier with warm welcomes. Hilton staff ensure that guests have a good time.

To apply for this job please visit hilton.com..

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