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Do you like flying? So, our work is exclusive to you, support at Lockheed Martin Fort Worth Texas Jobs in their Systems Integration Labs. Similarly, the  like a superhero accessory for an airplane!


  1. Thus the ability to climb stairs and ladders, like in a tree house.
  2. Lift and carry lab supplies up to 50 pounds.
  3. Also, a superhero from the United States must be a citizen.
  4. Get a secret clearance with special access—like a superhero badge.

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  • First, it helps with your daily flight check.
  • Second, check out the superhero equipment in the lab.
  • Third, verify all information about the gadget.
  • Next, work with cybersecurity to follow superhero code in secret labs.
  • Then it helps remove or store no longer needed lab supplies.
  • Last, it’s a cool short story about flying.

Interesting work:

  • Yet, organize superhero gadgets and make sure they are in the right place.
  • Assists with evacuations for special flight inspections such as reconfiguring playrooms.
  • And solve any problems or puzzles.
  • In this Lockheed Martin Fort Worth Texas jobs you must be problem solver.
  • Similarly, keep the lab safe and follow superhero safety rules.

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Lockheed Martin Fort Worth Texas Jobs


  1. Must have a degree, a bachelor’s degree.
  2. However, superhero must be a citizen.
  3. Can keep secrets in secret removal.
  4. And works well with other superheroes on the same team.


  • Location: Lockheed Martin Air Force Base, Fort Worth.
  • So, get ready for a secret superhero mission!
  • In other words the Lockheed Martin Fort Worth Texas Jobs is a project.

Join the superhero community!

Moreover, apply now and become a superhero assistant at Lockheed Martin. And help make the flight even more spectacular as well as follow on Linkedin!

To apply for this job email your details to support.services.lmcareers@lmco.com

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