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Join our computer software engineering team for developers jobs USA. So, we work to develop unique solutions for companies that sell products. And if you are very familiar with COBOL coding on huge IBM machines, we would love to hire your services!


  1. Thus spent at least three years programming in COBOL on IBM machines.
  2. JCL, CICS, and Try – know them; stand ready to help day or night!
  3. Complete your education in computer science or related.
  4. TCP IP and DB2 are familiar to him.
  5. Moreover, design, code, test and debug.
  6. Awesome Excel skills, especially with tables!
  7. However, practicing with money or selling things is excellent!
  8. And draw pictures with Visio? Big plus!
  9. Employment in the United States without requiring more approval.

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  • Yet assist in designing and writing computer programs.
  • Develop special codes and test whether they work.
  • Also, in case something goes wrong, prepared to assist even at night.
  • Moreover, talk with friends who need such programs to learn demands.
  • Use Visio to create illustrations that show the operation of programs.
  • Above all work together with other people to solve problems and make things better.

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Important Information:

  1. So, working with us, often at home!
  2. It is OK to work in the US; no extra permission needed.
  3. And stay with us forever if you have a full-time job!

Benefits of This Job:

  • First, they work with friends, and sometimes they do it from home.
  • Second, there is no special need for permission to work in the United States.
  • Third long-term employment.
  • Then study and create awesome computer codes.
  • Last join a superhero group!

How To Apply:

To apply for this job please contact on the given link which provided under the apply button. or For further details and information lets get connected on LinkedIn, this is a great opportunity to get employed. or website us email at ( .

To apply for this job email your details to

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