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Job Description:

Whatever the case maybe, as an experienced educator, seeking for a flexible work option or a subject matter expert who would love to share knowledge with students, we are glad that there is a space for everyone here and the prospects of helping shape the future education system are high.

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  • Present interesting and interactive online classes that aid you in enhancing your potential learner’s experience through our virtual learning portal.
  • Adapt the teaching materials and strategies be appropriate for students and their diverse learning abilities, settings and teaching/learning styles.
  • Engage the students with meaningful comments during assignment, assessment and participation through timely feedback.
  • Enable good debates and make the class into the students’ classroom in the electronic classes.
  • Monitor student progress as situational appropriately and give prompt assistance wherever there is a need.

Online teaching Jobs in USA


  1. We will be seeking candidate to have bachelor’s degree in education or a related field ; but MBA will be preferred.
  2. Valid degree with proof of teaching certification/license in the indicated subject and grade level is not a must as long as the applicant demonstrates the same.
  3. It is an advantage for candidates to have worked as an online/virtual instructor previously, but let us not eliminate candidates new to such work.
  4. Knowledge of using computer-based learning systems and the skills of conducting digital team works (working in teams remotely). g. [The use of different software applications (Microsoft Teams,
  5. Zoom, Google Classroom, Canvas) is the primary difference between online and face-to-face learning.
  6. Great ability to communicate, foster interpersonal relationships, and organization.

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  • Competitive rate of pay would depend on candidate experience and qualifications.
  • Remote opportunities with the accessibility to work from any place within the country.
  • Providing a belief in their abilities in online teaching methodologies and skills to be complemented by professional development and training workshops.
  • Cohesive workplace with collaboration as a pillar, innovation as a building block and a continual improvement as vital.
  • Being able to effect some positive change in the lives of the students just like they can readily access high-quality education regardless of where they live.

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