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Prestidge Group


Be part of our agile organization that was formed in 2015 serving in the realm of individual/executive branding and strategic undertakings towards elite customers. However, Our Dubai arm is growing, and we need an accomplished mid-level Content Writing In Dubai to help us expand.

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Content Writing In Dubai


  • More than 5 years in content writing, journalism, copywriting, and others.
  • Therefore, a Portfolio with published articles.
  • Preferred experience preferably in PR/journalism.
  • Skilled in research, secondary sources, and interviews.
  • Also, Excellent written and spoken English.
  • Knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Content Management Systems.
  • Turning on/off of the Oxford or AP style book..”
  • Subsequently, Time management, and organizational capabilities.

Responsibilities Of Content Writing In Dubai:

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  • In-depth, long-form articles on research industry topics.
  • However, Generate precise copy aimed at promoting a product/service.
  • Work together with their PR, graphics, and video-graphic teams.
  • Create new blog posts or marketing content for enriching websites.
  • Audit articles and modify subtitles of recordings, and designs.
  • Also, Foster creative viewpoints for article composing.
  • Client needs recognizable proof and suggesting unexpected subjects.
  • Be predictable with the way of composing, textual styles utilized, pictures, and tones.
  • Use Web optimization rules towards expanded inclusion.
  • At long last, Update site content through CMS.
  • Moreover, Capabilities For Content Essayist
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Qualifications For Content Writer

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  • First Bachelor of Arts (BSc) in English, Journalism, or any other relevant field.
  • Second Published articles and proven experience in content writing.
  • Third Knowledge of SEO and good English writing and editing.
  • Then Ability to do research that involves numerous reliable sources.
  • Experience in using Content Management Systems.

Are you an experienced Content Writer seeking a demanding job involving a wide variety of clients and possessing the necessary expertise? So, Please apply now as your skills will help our team achieve success.

Reveal Advantages of Content Writing In Dubai

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Businesses looking to build a strong online presence might profit greatly from investing in article writing services in Dubai. First off, well produced content builds brand credibility and builds trust with Dubai’s broad and discriminating audience.

Additionally, cultural relevance is ensured via tailored content, which appeals to the local market and increases interaction. Another significant benefit is Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which raises website ranks and increases organic traffic and visibility through well-written content.

For more details and instruction please contact careerinfo360 team.

To apply for this job email your details to info@prestidgegroup.com

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