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This position requires a special kidney nurse who helps renal patients. For the Registered Nurse Jobs Oahu Hawaii must have worked for at least three months. So, helping the people with their kidneys, such as using special machines.

Registered Nurse Jobs Oahu Hawaii

This significant job requires them to have nursing degrees and proper licenses. And the nurse is trained. And have to understand how the machines work as well as assist the patients during treatment. Also, they are dealing with some heavy lifting and also standing for many hours. , the nurse has to travel elsewhere for more specific training.

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  • Thus finish nursing school.
  • Get a special license.
  • Having 3 months of experience with the kidney issues.
  • Also, study machines and CPR.

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  1. Yet the nurse conducts the patient care during renal treatment.
  2. Write down important patient information.
  3. Also, assures that the treatment is on the target.
  4. It enables the patients to get more knowledge about their health.
  5. Could manage a healthcare team.
  6. Above all it consists in lifting heavy objects and standing for too long.

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  • First, complete the nursing school and get a special permit.
  • Second at least three months of experience in assisting with kidney conditions.
  • Third work with the machines and know how to do CPR.
  • Then even new nurses can apply.
  • Last make an hourly rate of $34.47 to 57.60, which is the appropriate payment.

Note: This position is for a renal nurse who treats people with kidney diseases. Also, the nurse would need special training and experience. And it is a huge part of the job, but it is also very crucial about the pay.

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