Volunteer Work In Portland Oregon

Join Education First to assist children in need of college funding. Since 2000, we have provided college scholarships to many students. Visit careerinfo360.com for more jobs like volunteer work in Portland Oregon.


  • Thus, like assisting others and finishing school,.
  • Be familiar with computer software like Microsoft Office.
  • Be approachable and eager to lead.
  • And have 3 to 8 hours of free time each month.
  • Make friends with volunteers.
  • Be happy to assist deserving students.


  1. Furthermore, like to help other people.
  2. As well as went to college.
  3. know a lot about computers, like Microsoft Office.
  4. Also, like to be nice to kids.
  5. Moreover, making friends.
  6. like to learn new things.

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  • Yet help in selecting students, raising funds, and organizing events.
  • Take charge of a significant community event.
  • And run for a significant position in Education First.
  • Help college students by remaining friends with them.

Volunteer Work In Portland Oregon


  • First, lead activities and assist others.
  • Second run for a significant position in Education First.
  • Then keep in touch with college students.
  • Last education First provided help for 20 years and donated $1,000,000.

Description of Job:

Do you want to change things? Be an influencer in your community by joining Education First. However, You only need to contribute a few hours each month, and we will ensure that it is enjoyable!

What to Do:

Additionally, visit educationfirst.org and select “Become a Volunteer” to apply. To join the team and assist students in attending college, follow the instructions. So, if you need help, ask a grownup!

To apply for this job email your details to info@educationfirst.org

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