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Job Description:

In this Teacher position at [School District or Educational Institution Name], you will be privileged to fashion young minds and be an integral part of the students’ lives change for good. You will be entrusted with the task of preparing and administering the lessons that will be fun and educational, evaluating pupils’ progress, and creating a learning atmosphere that aids social success and personal growth.

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  1. Prepare and conduct instructional sessions which are relevant to the school curriculum and attainment of education objectives.
  2. Try to bring like-minded students together and make them feel as if their presence matters.
  3. Differentiate learning to help meet the diverse needs of the students and to let students learn in a way that fit their learning styles.
  4. Evaluate student performance history by means of frequent formative and integrated assessments.
  5. Give comments onto students and their parents/ guardians on time about academic doing well or bad.
  6. Combine efforts with the employees to put together approaches and interventions.

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  • Bachelor’s in Education or any related field is a requirement, and if the candidate happens to have a Master’s, it’s equivalent to a cherry on top.
  • Possess appropriate license/teaching certification in the respective subject area and grade level.
  • Entry-level job require no previous experience while previous teaching experience is preferred for higher level positions.
  • Very commitment to English education and high involvement in student success.
  • Firm communication combined with interpersonal and organizational ones.

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  1. The competitive salary is graduated with experience and advanced qualifications.
  2. Comprehensive benefits plan, which cover healthcare, retirement plans and also fair leave allowance.
  3. Access to professional development, work improvement, and career enhancement.
  4. Dedicated to employee wellness and work-life balance, the following is a supportive workplace environment.

How to apply?

To apply for positions, we please ask you to visit our website or our Central Office for more information. It is with great pleasure that we say ‘Welcome’ and wish you success with us to grow into a team of devoted educators!

To apply for this job please visit go.teach.org.

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